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Long-term monitoring shows the upward spread of non-native plant species along mountain roads around

"Our results suggest plant invasions into mountain ecosystems are increasing as a result of both a growing number of new non-native species and an upward movement of species already present when the survey started."

New MIREN publication - the first global publication showing the TEMPORAL DYNAMICS of plant invasion, published in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Paper here.

Blogpost by main author Evelin Iseli here!

MIREN vegetation survey in Switzerland 2022. Left: Camille Brioschi identifying one of the approximately 600 plant species recorded in Switzerland in 2022 alongside one of the three Swiss roads. Right: One of the highest transects in Switzerland (top) versus one of the lowest transects, showing the great variation in vegetation (picture credits: Camille Brioschi, Fiona Schwaller).

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