MIREN road survey

On this page, you will find the necessary documents if you want to do a road survey following the MIREN-protocol, want to upload your data to our growing database, or want to use our data in your own analyses. 


When using the MIREN protocol and/or MIREN published data, please cite the relevant sources and Haider et al. (2021) Think globally, measure locally: The MIREN standardized protocol for monitoring species distributions along elevation gradients. Ecology and Evolution.

Autumn Road
MIREN road survey protocol
Elk Herd Grazing
MIREN road survey data submission form
Cktc4p2BQr66JOx4rOYwuw_Photo. Cheslea Chisholm.jpg
Open access MIREN road survey data 
MIREN data sharing agreement
Open access MIREN road survey data
Template for MIREN paper proposals

If you need further information, you can contact us by sending an email to miren.data@gmail.com