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Mountain Invasion Research Network


The aim of MIREN is to understand the effects of global change on species’ distributions and biodiversity in mountainous areas. MIREN got founded in 2005 with a focus on the global monitoring of non-native plant invasions in mountains. Now, that initial focus has expanded to the study of species redistribution under different drivers of global change, including biological invasions, climate change, and land-use change. We perform observational and experimental studies along elevation gradients to evaluate and quantify the processes and mechanisms that are shaping mountain plant communities at regional to global scales. Our core questions are:

· How are species’ distributions in mountains changing over time?

· Which mechanisms influence species redistribution in mountains under global change?

· What are the impacts of species redistribution on mountain biodiversity and ecosystems?

· What are effective ways to manage species redistribution in mountains?

· What general lessons can we learn from mountain gradients about the process of species redistribution under global change?

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