Running off the road

New MIREN-paper in Biological Invasions on what’s needed by non-native plants to escape the roadside and colonize the natural mountain vegetation.

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Learn all about the paper in this blog post.

Roads – and the cars and humans on them – facilitate non-native plant species introduction in mountains. But what’s needed for them to escape the roadside?

Workshop 2006

The second MIREN workshop was held in Cove near La Grande (OR, USA) from 24 to 28 September 2006.

Participants of the second MIREN workshop at Cove
Participants of the second MIREN workshop at Cove

This time we had a very full programme and intense discussions, enjoying the wonderful Kimsey Commons conference facilities in Cove. The number of participants had grown to 25 this time, almost all of which contributed conceptual presentations or presentations on their recent research on plant invasions into mountains. We were particularly pleased that a number of PhD students that have recently become involved in MIREN research projects participated actively in the workshop. Their recent field experiences were very helpful for developing realistic protocols for field investigations.

As invited speakers Charlie Johnson, Forest Ecologist, gave a photographic presentation of mountain ecoregions of the Pacific Northwest of the USA, and Lisa Rew (Montana State University) provided information about research evaluating sampling strategies for invasive plants. In the end, Lisa became heavily involved in our methodological discussions and so we are glad that she accepted our invitation to join the core team to help develop MIREN’s survey mission further.

After a one-day mid-workshop excursion to field sites in the beautiful Wallowa Mountains and long discussions in the field and at Kimsey Commons we eventually agreed upon the concrete field protocol for the core survey that takes place between fall 2006 and fall 2007.

Launching Workshop 2005

The first MIREN workshop was held near Vienna (Austria) from 15 to 17 July 2005.

We had a creative time in a secluded and inspiring seminar dome. All participants contributed presentations on the first day to provide the present state with plant invasions into mountains. Based on this foundation we discussed concepts, objectives and the possible implementation of MIREN in the evening plenary session.

During plenary and breakout group sessions these discussions were continued the following day and subcommittees were formed that started developing the core research agenda. At the end all workshop participants agreed to launch the Mountain Invasion Research Network.

Participants of the first MIREN workshop near Vienna
Participants of the first MIREN workshop near Vienna