Contributions of MIREN to ecology and conservation

MIREN has worked hard over the past 15 years to study species redistributions in our changing mountains. The latter resulted in a series of scientific publications. As these are not all easily accessible to everybody, we decided to work on a summary of our findings: the contributions of MIREN to ecology and conservation. Find the first chapter here, and stay tuned for more!

Overview of the regions participating in MIRENs baseline screening and monitoring as of October 2018.

MIREN news!

Find here our first periodic update from all across the MIREN-network, summarizing all the ongoing projects. A must-read for whoever wants to stay on top of what MIREN is doing!

MIREN Trail Survey 2018 – first results

We are happy to share this map with you showing an overview of the data already collected within our MIREN Trail Survey.

We are now calling on all mountain enthusiasts from the southern hemisphere to join us and look out for plant invaders along mountain trails during the coming summer.

All details on how to join here.

Also check out our recent blogpost on this on


Running off the road

New MIREN-paper in Biological Invasions on what’s needed by non-native plants to escape the roadside and colonize the natural mountain vegetation.

Find the paper here.

Learn all about the paper in this blog post.

Roads – and the cars and humans on them – facilitate non-native plant species introduction in mountains. But what’s needed for them to escape the roadside?