MIREN survey on alien invasive species in mountains

Working in or around mountains? Then we need you to fill out our new survey!

Link to the survey: https://svar.uib.no/LinkCollector?key=E52A83G1JP92

MIREN has created a survey on the perception of alien invasive species in mountains. The aim of this survey is to get the perspectives from a broad range of stakeholders worldwide (managers, land-owners, farmers, policy makers, conservation, scientists, etc.) on whether and to what extent they view alien invasive species (i.e. plants, animals and microorganisms) as a problem in mountains, thus causing negative impacts on nature and society. We are also interested in which species are seen as the most problematic, what impacts these species have, and how the species are managed.

The results of this survey will be published in an academic journal as a short commentary article about stakeholder understanding of alien invasive species impacts in mountains. Findings will  also be communicated more broadly as brief summaries. We expect that this information will be used as an input for global and local assessments on alien invasive species. If you wish to find out more, please contact invasivesurveymiren@gmail.com.

What you can do:

–     Fill out the survey (it will take you 15-20 minutes of your time, and gives us invaluable insights)

–     Spread the survey far and wide among your contacts working in mountains. You’ll see that the survey is available in a wide range of languages.