Weed of the Month – Collomia grandiflora

Welcome to the Mountain Invader Monthly where MIREN researchers will showcase a species of interest. If you have a species you would like to write about here, please contact one of the co-ordinators. 
Picture G. Wright/DPIE

In this first issue we focus on a curious annual forb, Collomia grandiflora, which has found its way into the mountains of south-eastern Australia. This mountain plant from North America is rare in Australia but is spreading rapidly within the Australian Alps.

After its first observation in Australia in 1901-04, presumably in gardens, a first record in Kosciuszko National Park dates back to 1924. Since then, most observations of escaped individuals are from within the national park, where it has been added to the weed control program since 2006. The latter has had limited success, so far, as the species is now spreading rapidly in recent years within the national park.
Find out everything about the large flowered Collomia in Australia, and the successes and drawbacks of its management via this link.